3 Reason You Need to Set Up Your Goal First

You got the feeling that you’re ready to start your business. You’ve explored the internet and pretty convinced that, at last, this is the place you can invest your time and money without worrying much about sacrificing your whole fortune.

But, wait.

The internet is like an ocean. Even worst. It’s a jungle. In the ocean you just need a good reliable navigational system and direction. In the jungle you need also tools and weapons to get into your direction and survive.

Have you set your direction in ’sailing’ the internet? Have you got tools and weapons?

Forget tools and weapons first. Where you want to go is the most important. Either in the ocean, jungle or the internet. You’ve got to set your goal!.

Here are the 5 reasons why you have to set your goal first before doing anything. Including doing business in the internet.

1. You need clear vision and measurable target.

Your goal is the implementation of your vision. When you set your goal, you find what you’re targeting. Then you can measure them each to determine whether it’s achievable or not. You will then discard the unachievebles and focus only on the achievables.

2. Your goal will lead you to your activity list.

With goal setting you can list all the activities needed to be done. You know what to do. It will certainly save your time and energy.

3. Your goal help you create your own agenda.

Many times you’ve heard about ‘your agenda is your boss’. You won’t be disturbed if you have your agenda intact. Because, everytime somebody seems like dragging you off direction, you simply politely tell him about your agenda. You have to obey your boss, don’t you?

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