You May Need An Extreme Info Business Makeover

Do you know Mark Joyner? The last time I read his Internet Intellligent Manuscript I decided not to start any business and back to my current work. I chose the safest path he suggested. Unless you have the power; time, energy and money, you’d better not to start any business. I did not make any progress since then.

A few days ago, I heard a call with Joe Vitale, Russell Brunson, Ewen Chia, Tellman Knudson, and Nitro Marketing covering the million dollar lessons they all learned from Mark Joyner. After listening to the call I realize then that my decision was not the best one. Of a sudden, I got many ideas coming in.

Only 500 people could listen in, but then Nitro posted the (bootleg) MP3 recording at:

To hear first hand how the information that Mark Joyner has taught them has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars (a month) in revenue, go download it right now.

You are going to learn:

- What are the 2 words Mark said to Nitro at a private consultation in Miami that created $170k
the first time they used it?
- 4 mandatory questions to ask that will make or break your online success
- What are the 3 core elements that must be implemented by EVERY successful business?
- 3 letters that spell out an unbelievable buying frenzy from your prospects
- What is the 1 simple, sure-fire method to explode your online marketing?

It’s all covered in this bootleg MP3:

Download the bootleg MP3 recording of the “Mark Joyner lessons learned” call and hear Russell tells how Mark gave him a lesson (while he was mowing the grass!) that turned him from a
grass-mower into a million dollar business owner.

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