How to Stay Away of This Four Hour Work Week Paradox

Dear Infopreneur,

The simplest way to understand the idea of FourHourWorkWeek is by looking at common dilemma we’re facing: you need to earn some amount of money to be able to work less, while it seems that to earn that certain sums you have no other way than working more (longer).

On his best selling book Tim shows us how, with the help of cyber tools, we can easily get rid of those time consuming tasks and at the same time earn the money we want.

But…(Tim was also address this in his book), if you’re not pay a full attention on what he’s proposing, you’ll end up getting more problems rather than getting rid of it.

On his blog Tim writes about super-task-accomplishment being done daily by Robert Scoble. If you’re not new on the net (less than 3 month online), you should know who he is ;-)

It’s an antithesis of what Tim’s teaching you on four hour work week.

Reading 622 RSS every morning is great. But, if you follow and try to do the same (or half the same) as Robert do, you’ll soon notice that it’s paradoxical toward what you’re trying to achieve.

Do you really need to read that much information? Great! Outsource it to Robert Scoble ;-)


Set your browser homepage to Scobleizer and read whatever Robert Scoble writes.

Simple? Obviously ;-)

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