Interlinked Information Is What Search Engines Love Most

Dear Infopreneur,

Yesterday I asked you your stand in driving traffic by means of search engine optimization. That’s alright whether you go white, black or just hanging around see other people doing thing.

If you’re still not sure what it means by black or white, let me assure you that it has nothing to do with ethical or unethical conduct of doing business online unless you’re breaking the law by doing so.

Please…don’t get me wrong here. Blackhat and whitehat tactic I’m talking about here is not in purpose of giving false information to search engines so that search engines think the sites we own is indeed the most valuable information for the researchers while in fact they are not.

Whatever the technique is, I still believe that providing the right information to the right people is the main goal of it. Search engines main goal is also the same. How to provide inter related information that flows from hyperlink to hyperlink so that people who uses the search engine will never feel lost and disappointed because of lack of information they’re facing.

That’s why search engines weight links, regardless the source and the place, more important than other ranking factors.

With all those said, interlinked information is what we need to provide to be able to rank high in the search engine resource page so that eventually drives free traffic to your sites. Regardless of the technique you are using.

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